Backup - out of disk space

I deployed new gitea with rootless podman (+ postgres).
I created one empty repository (readme + license).
I attempted to backup gitea. Inside container I executed: gitea dump -c /etc/gitea/app.ini
It failed with message: no space left on device
When inspected the unfinished backup file, it was 18,5 GB in size…

Obviously I am missing something…
Because this cannot be right.
Any thoughts?

My guess is it is entering an infinite loop of files and directories through a symbolic link. Are you able to list the files inside through something like unzip -lv If so, posting the result could help troubleshoot further (just the first thousandish lines would be OK).

You can pipe it to a file as well to avoid terminal buffer limits unzip -lv > output.txt

The zip file is damaged…

The backup file is created in /var/lib/gitea and not in /tmp - that is I think the problem.

Default paths in container:

I resolved the issue with mounting dedicated volume for backups and running:

gitea dump -c /etc/gitea/app.ini -f /backup/

I have limits on included media files… and number of posts per minute too… :slight_smile:


No worries, glad you got it resolved! I think your hypothesis of the dump command trying to backup the dump zip is probably right.