Backup problem: 'dump' only create a 1KByte .zip file


I got a problem with gitea backup. I tried to use dump command to backup my gitea, but only got a 1KByte empty .zip file.
I am using Windows Server 2008 R2, Gitea 1.9.4.

Many Thanks~


Gitea has some backup problems, so I solve it by backuping manually, as follows.

Thank you @elfuego.
I then refer to a solution on this issue:
Just stop the gitea service first, then execute .\gitea dump, and start the gitea service at last.

ah, that makes sense =) but what else makes sense is to check your backup, i.e. to try to restore it somewhere and see does gitea work.

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You are right, I’ll make a double check :+1: