Config example for jupyter is needed

Does anyone uses gitea with jupyter renderer? My gitea does not show plots as described in External markup renderer doesn't show any embedded images · Issue #3025 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub This issue is closed and the last message asks for the config example to allow plot and math to pass sanitized rules. I have no idea how to turn sanitizer.policy.AllowImages() and all into a proper [markup.sanitizer config for jupyter. This page lacks info for jupyter External renderers - Docs and this does not cover sanitizers at all in customizing-gitea section.

Some just must already have the solution for the jupyter - it is a popular thing - please be kind and share you config.

This addition is supposed to work:


for the jupyter renders images like <img src=".

But still output is sanitized to <img/>. Any suggestions?

Discord user pointed out to Sanitizer exception for IMG SRC attribute not being applied · Issue #16020 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub