Converting jupyter notebook doesn't work well

Hi all

I’m new to Gitea and was looking forward to supporting external markup render.

I upgrade Gitea to Ver1.3 and add some code to app.ini below.

ENABLED = true
RENDER_COMMAND ="jupyter nbconvert --stdin --stdout --to html"

Now, converting from ipynb to html works, but It doesn’t show Image data.

Any suggestions and comments would be greately appreciated.

Thank you.

Please submit issue in


we have the same problem.
I took a look in the following issue on github, but did not helped me…
issue on github

so, we have something like:

ENABLED = true
RENDER_COMMAND ="jupyter nbconvert --stdout --to html --template basic"

What we have to tweak, that alle the plots in the notebooks are visible???

do we have to add something with sanitizer ?
Would be great if someone could give an example what we have to add in the code…