Avatar loading issue

I’ve never reached a working state with my gitea instance, due to the fact the web frontend waits 30 seconds for an avatar, even though there isn’t any. This makes it quite unusable.
I’m running gitea 1.13, deactivated gravatar and did not enabled federated avatars. I already reached out for help in your discord channel, but nobody came up with a solution.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I try to fix this for more than half a year and found dozen of issues complained due to avatar loading. I although updated my instance twice but nothing fixed it. For me this is a blocker and i’ve never seen something similar in other software outside pre-alpha versions. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Why the hell is gitea still searching for an avatar if this is my app.ini configuration?

   DISABLE_GRAVATAR        = true

Gitea waiting 30 seconds for a response from gravatar or whatever and does so on nearly every page visit. There is just one account and it doesn’t make any difference if this one has an avatar or not.

And why is Gitea waiting 30 seconds for avatars(or maybe it’s waiting 30 seconds for something else, who knows) if there is none to display on the current page, like on the start screen? I’m a professional programmer for over a decade but Gitea’s avatar handling is so seriously flawed I am speechless.

Hi, Could you give more details about what’s your app.ini configuration and If that’s a bug, you can post an issue to Sign in to GitHub · GitHub .