Page delays on clean install of 1.17.0


First time Gitea user: I’m seeing odd delays of ~60 seconds on certain page loads. This usually clears up once I’ve hit those pages at least once. I’ve done a bit of searching and changed the obvious such as ENABLE_FEDERATED_AVATAR = false, DISABLE_GRAVATAR = true, but still seeing delays.

This is on FreeBSD 12 using the ports version, currently 1.17.0 on go 1.19. Using sqlite. No repos created yet.

Developer tools in the browser doesn’t help much - the delay usually hits the main page it’s loading, or in the case of the homepage, the css and js loads.

Log file doesn’t show anything related - in some cases the page load doesn’t require a DB call, anyway.

I couldn’t see any obviously related third-party calls in a tcpdump on the server, but it’s a little busy with other stuff so I may have missed something.

The 60s feels very much like a timeout somewhere, and I’m sure other people have seen this.

Any ideas? I feel like I’ve missed something obvious…



Try setting OFFLINE_MODE : true : in [server]

Iirc there is possibly a few more 3rd party information that could be loaded

Hi - Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried that one too, with no obvious change in behaviour :frowning: