App for Android?

Does anyone know of any Android app that could work with Gitea like being able to see the issues, commits, maybe adding new files etc?

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Hi @sikonium,

There isn’t currently an Android app, however the site has been made to be mobile responsive so hopefully you’d be able to accomplish what you need via that route.

If that doesn’t meet your needs the Gitea API aims to align with GitHub’s API (it isn’t currently 100% the same), and perhaps you could find an existing open source project that you could contribute code to the project that would help with them be able to connect to a Gitea install.

I personally connect to my Gitea install on my android phone with Chrome, and am able to manage issues, and upload files.

Hope that helps,



Thanks for your reply. That is fair enough. I will try it in the browser for a while to see how it goes.

Probably doesn’t need to be a dedicated app if FastHub-Libre can be modified and a registry of opt-in Gitea repos maintained. IMO this specific change would mean explosive growth for Gitea.

No need to pay for android app, check . Only that we need - to able to enter endpoint for api inside app. Who is wanting to do that?

Thanks for sharing! I see it may have started using GPL when FastHub-Libre code was added. If that’s the case where should we focus to understand the differences between the two works?