Modify Gitea or build a new front

For my use case I found out that I need to change gitea more than playing with the template. I need to add routing and modify some of the code such as the “createReposotiry” function.

I can achieve the same If I create my own front and use gitea as a backend using the REST API. Part of the cost for doing that will be having to build the GUI for each part, basically recreating the whole interface while implementing my modifications.

I wish to hear your opinion: which of the two you recommend. Using Gitea’s front but changing some of the source code, or building my own front and using Gitea’s API.

Doing the latter (different front with same API) would likely be more future-proof, otherwise you’d need to merge upstream into your fork whenever we update.

That being said, what is your use-case? We are always open to issues or PRs if the use-case makes sense for the core code. :slight_smile: