Any way to go back to the release version?

Hello. When I first installed my Gitea instance, the release version was 1.17. While doing my configuration, I noticed that the mailer settings were being overhauled in the dev version and thought it smart to install directly 1.18-dev to be future proof. 1.18 flew by while my docker install stayed on the dev channel, so 1.19-dev

I stopped updating my install waiting for the 1.19 release to finally run the released version, but then Gitea does not start because, as I understand it, the DB version for 1.19 is 244 where my 1.19-dev had a DB version of 245 (“Your database (migration version: 245) is for a newer Gitea, you can not use the newer database for this old Gitea release (244).”)

I don’t want to install 1.20-dev if it means I won’t be able to run 1.20, I am warned of side effects if I try to modify the DB manually, and given the release cycle, it might be months before the release of 1.20 allows me to start Gitea with the current DB, months during which I just cannot use it at all.

Is there any way to go back from dev to release (without losing the DB and starting from scratch)?

Just set the tag to a fixed image digest and update to 1.20 once it come out (if you don’t want to mingle with the DB).


Adding to the above comment, Gitea is entering feature freeze for 1.20 development tomorrow (6/4) around 8PM EST. The first release candidate will be released soon after, and 1.20 will be released 6/30 around 8PM EST, so it will not be too long of a wait.