Gitea 1.22 to 1.21

On my ~monthly gitea update, I update my server to 1.22-rc0, and did not see that it was not a fully stable version. I encounter some latencies and bugs so I would go back to 1.21.

But the database is not compatible

Migration Error: Your database (migration version: 294) is for a newer Gitea, you can not use the newer database for this old Gitea release (280).
Gitea will exit to keep your database safe and unchanged. Please use the correct Gitea release, do not change the migration version manually (incorrect manual operation may lose data).

Are there an easy solution to achieve that ?
Thank you,

Gitea doesn’t support downgrade. So no easy way to do that. If you have a backup, you can recover from the backup.

I saw that, I solved my problem installing the next version [1.22.0+rc0-98-gad34d22113].

Thank you

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