Is v1.13.8 still going to be released?

Hi Gitea Administrators,

I feel good on using Gitea v1.13.7, and have found a CLOSED milestone v1.13.8 on GitHub. I know there are v1.14.x series released, but will v1.13.8 still in the schedule or not ?

Many thanks.

v1.13.8 will not be released. Please follow v1.14.x

Got it, thank you !!

Hi Lunny,

I tried to upgrade from 1.13.7 to 1.14.0/1.14.2 directly, but failed. The info when I execute “doctor —all —fix” is the same with the GitHub issue #15505. This issue is closed and locked, but I think it probably better be reopened for a while.

My OS is windows server 2008 sp1, database MySQL 5.7.26. The gitea service is not working anymore.

Is there anything i can do to resolve the problem? I’ve also created an issue on GitHub #15811

Many thanks.