1.2 final timeline

Now that we have 1.2-rc2, what does the plan look like for additional release candidates and then the final release?

I think maybe next week!

Excellent! Thank you for the information. Is there some place where I should have been able to look it up?

How about now that there’s an additional problem?

It seems that rc3 is about to be released. How long from rc to final?

Well, I am discovering a lot of problems with rc3, which I am publishing here for lack of a better idea - am I just dumb, or is it a real problem? Not sure whether they will hold the release up, though.

Well, you really should report them as issues https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/issues

I generally agree, but since I am very new to gitea, I am not sure whether the things I find, are bugs in the code, the installation, or whether I am just doing something stupid. Report anyway?

False reports can just be closed. The devs don’t seem to be reading discouse too much.

There is always someone from devs in Discord chat so it’s quite safe to ask there too

Since v1.2.1 is also released. This could be closed.