Will mirrors kill their history when remote replaces their repository?

I’m mirroring a small number of GitHub repositories on my self-hosted Gitea instance, mainly to have them available offline and to make forking a bit easier.

Now I’m wondering, what would happen in the following hypothetical case:

  1. Let’s say I’m mirroring https://github.com/some_user/their_repo.git to my local Gitea.
  2. The author of the remote repository decides to leave GitHub or go commercial and deletes their repository.
  3. The author then uploads a new repository using the same same, but only containing a single commit, a ReadMe.md saying “Goobye GitHub.”

Will my local Gitea, at the next mirror update, force-pull the replacement repository with its new history and purge all of the code in my mirror as well?

Or is there some repository UUID that needs to match and Gitea would reject the switched-out remote repository?

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Hi, I am new here.
But I think Gitea would likely updating the mirror with the new repository content! Maybe someone with more experience can confirm?