New branch in mirror (migrated) repo?


I’ve succesfully “migrated” an open-source project (from upstream’s own git) into a pull mirror. Everything worked, all the original branches and tags were copied, so far so good.

If I create a new, unrelated branch in my gitea repo, will it stick around? I’m afraid it might be dropped the next time syncs my “mirror” with upstream (since upstream obviously doesn’t have my branch).

My goal is to set up a mirror of the upstream so that I can develop and contribute back — but still have automatic updating of upstream branches.

Well, no answers here, but I’ve tried it. After pushing a new branch to the migrated repo, mirroring is gone. Or maybe “migration” is a one-time op and there is no on-going mirroring; I might have missed that and don’t feel like checking.

a couple things: migrations are a one-off, mirrors are read-only on gitea, and on mirroring is disabled.

mirrors are read-only because the git operation used for mirroring will overwrite changes made. If you’d like to make changes to the mirror I recommend using a fork of the mirror, and then pushing your changes upstream.

federation within gitea is a topic that you may wish to follow as it’ll provide more ability to collaborate cross instances.