Why I am unable to see my post?

Hello there,

Recently I posted a query on this thread- https://forum.gitea.com/t/after-updating-unable-to-access-gitea-instance/9319/1

After few minutes, I got a notification that left me disappointed as it shows my content is spam. I don’t know what is the reason behind it but I didn’t do anything wrong that violate community guideline. As a professional, I respect community guideline and make useful contribution to help community members.

As my query is genuine and I really need a quick solution to that and I don’t think there is better platform than this to solve my query.

Kindly, make my post live again.

Thankyou in advance.

Hi, Discourse has automated spam protections in place that will hide content that it is suspicious of so a human can review it. It’s set to be rather strict, as our forum is a magnet for spammers, and so sometimes non-spam posts, such as yours, get caught. I’ve made your post visible.