Web Editor: allow any user to modify a repo

Dear All,

I have a question regarding the Gietea Web UI. Particularly, the Web editor.

We have set up Gitea using LDAP. So, only the users in this LDAP can log in this Gitea instance.

Now, the requesters want to

  • Giving an account that owns a particular repository: to give the possibility to any user (that can log in, I insist) to use the web editor (little pencil) enable:

Is this possible?

  • I understand that you can set “Collaborators”, but this is a manual operation, and our LDAP contains 1000’s of users.

So, is this possible in another way?

Maybe using “Organizations”?
For example, can I automatically allow any user with an account?

Or at least allow self-join to a team in an “organization”?

Sorry if it is already in the documentation and I missed.
I also try to alow self-join, but I don’t see how is possible

Thanks and cheers,

Dear All,

We have found a solution. Using API calls to ad users as Collaborators.
This is in a script that ad/remove users when they are added/removed to the LDAP

Thanks and cheers,