Verify Group Membership in LDAP filter in Gitea AD integration

Hello all,
I am configuring Gitea version : 1.21.6 in local server

I have Created an Active Directory in Windows Server 2022.
I have added some users (abc,efg ) and group (TeamLeader ,TeamMates )
Added abc to TeamLeader , efg to TeamMates
users and groups is in ou=Developer,dc=internal,dc=com

When i use ldapsearch with filter (|(cn=TeamLeader)(cn=TeamMates)) i get result as …
member: CN=abc,OU=Developers,DC=internal,DC=com
distinguishedName: CN=TeamLeader,OU=Developers,DC=internal,DC=com

When the same i use it in the Enable LDAP Groups, it doesnt work.

when i keep the verify group membership empty, AD users are able to login but they dont get populated to the teams in organisation.

When i give filter (|(cn=TeamLeader)(cn=TeamMates)) in Verify group Membership
the users cant login. error (username or password incorrect ).

With the same filter , i have confirmed that it gives results in ldapsearch. and i tried many filters in ldapsearch which are working but none works in Gitea Enable Ldap Group.

Kindly confirm me if “enable ldap groups” is working properly in Gitea1.21.6
or i am missing something ?
I already gone through multiple threads in this topic in gitea, but couldnt make it work.

running it as a service using systemd in ubuntu 22.04