Active Directory - Enable LDAP Groups - Parameters

Hi everybody,
I’m using Gitea 1.17.3 on Windows Server 2016 and want to use the Microsoft Active Directory as Authentification and Authorization System. For this, i created an “Authentification Source” with "LDAP (viaDindDN) and connect this to the ActiveDirectory Server. That works finally to synchronize the User from dedicated AD-Groups and the User can login to Gitea.

The second part is to synchronize the AD-Groups with Gitea-Teams. I have created an Organization and a Team and enabled the “Enable LDAP groups” on the “Authentification Source”. But i don’t found a helpful description to setup the parameter “Group Attribute Containing List of Users” and “User Attribute Listed in Group”. I try some Values like “Group Attribute Containing List of Users = member” and “User Attribute Listed in Group = distinguishedName”, but nothing works. The User will not be added to the Team.

Which Values must be used to synchronize the AD-Group Membership with the Teams inside a Organisation?


Update 08.12.2022:
Now it Works with following settings for AD:
Group Search Base DN: “OU=organisation,DC=domain,DC=de”
Group Attribute Containing List of Users: “member”
User Attribute Listed In Group: “distinguishedName”

If i add a “Map LDAP groups to Organiuzation teams” Value, the synchtronization works.


Hello. Please, can you give me the process.

Where do you add “Map LDAP groups to Organization teams” ?

I’m trying to make it work as well but it doesn’t work