User account keeps getting un-activated

Hi team, I’d like 2 ask why user accounts (aside from the main gitadmin account) keep becoming un-activated?
I have 2 log in is the gitadmin user, go to Site Administration, Users, edit the User and select ‘User Account is Activated’ every day.

Any help would b appreciated.

Can you provide more details on your configuration? Such as version of Gitea in use, how you have installed Gitea, what database you are using, and do you have LDAP configured?

Hi techknowlogick, thanks 4 replying.
I’m running Gitea 1.14.2 against openLDAP 2.4 with a standard schema.
I think I’ve fixed the issue by disabling the Enable User Synchronization option under the Authorization Source.
It’s been 3 days now and my login has stayed Authorized.
Is there anything u want me 2 check/test?