Auth source is not actived

Got my self locked out today after playing around and having changed visabliity on a few users and rechecked our two LDAP auth sources:

Aug 19 17:38:54 exrhel0332 gitea[1225788]: 2022/08/19 17:38:54 …ers/web/auth/auth.go:218:SignInPost() [E] [62ffae8e] UserSignIn: auth source is not actived

Anyway to create a local admin user through the API or otherwise ‘break back in’ to our Gitea instance without losing any git repos?

Have the ssh server running and my public ssh key is added in gitea to my admin account authorized against now apparently inactive ldap source :confused:

Managed via sql swapping our admin user back to an activated login_source in the user table.

Will keep a local admin luser around for good :wink: