Usage of action table


we have a setup of gitea where the action table in the database is currently around 2gigs in size and keeps data for about 3 years. Whenever you load the dashboard page it takes 6 seconds and feels super slow.

My question is what the data is actually used for? I saw that for the dashboard page loads 20 entries, but is it used for anything else important? Can I just deleted a huge bulk of the data?

I also saw that if you would do a different index on the table action (user_id, is_deleted) it would be much faster (91ms instead of 6s) but every restart of gitea resets the table to its original setup. I guess a request regarding that would be then more for the bug ticket area.

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  1. The data is used to populate the dashboard as well as heatmap (possibly other things). I’m fairly sure you can remove data from that table, but I would highly encourage a backup first just in case.

  2. As for the indexing, yes please send in an issue, as that sounds like an enhancement for sure! :smiley: