What is the table 'action' in the DB?

Hi, guys!

I have a little question about table ‘action’ in DB.
So, I use the Gitea for myself only. There are about dozen repos. It’s only a few MB in size, but there are about 300k rows in this table (“action”), and the total database size is about 500MB.This is really useless use of disk space.
How can I truncate this table? Can I delete all rows? What will I lose?
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about this table on the Internet.


It just stored the behaviours. You can delete them safely. It also has a cron to delete old action. You can change the date range to keep.

Thanks, bro!
It really works. ‘Config Cheat Sheet’ page is powerfull thing
I just leave this here:

;;; Delete all old actions from database
ENABLED = true
SCHEDULE = @every 24h