Upgraded to gitea-1.20.1-1 from 1.11, Fedora 38

Gitea web starts successfully after the mysql database was migrated and converted.

From a remote host Chrome browser, going to https//myhost.mydomain.net/git
I get a dialog box that shows

myhost.mydomain.net says:
Failed to load asset files from https://myhost.mydomain.net/assets/js/index.js?v=1.20.1. Please make sure the asset files can be accessed.

In fact I cannot find the assets directory anywhere

Help is appreciated,

extracts from /var/log/gitea/gitea.log

2023/08/29 20:09:08 …eb/routing/logger.go:102:func1() [I] router: completed GET /serviceworker.js for X.Y.Z.T:0, 404 Not Found in 2.4ms @ user/home.go:817(user.UsernameSubRoute)

I had a very similar error on Ubuntu - upgrading from 1.11.1 to 1.20.4

In my case, there was a proxy server that was filtering the assets path - I guess that wasn’t used by the client prior to 1.20.x so it wasn’t an issue before. Just in case this helps you in some way.