[UPDATE: cannot connect to sqlite?] New Install Not Responding to Port 3000

UPDATE: gitea is hanging searching for a database service. I don’t know why. sqlite is installed and available. It stops producing output at:

2021/03/12 08:16:30 …les/storage/local.go:46:NewLocalStorage() [I] Creating new Local Storage at [path]/data/repo-avatars
2021/03/12 08:16:30 …s/storage/storage.go:157:initLFS() [I] Initialising LFS storage with type:
2021/03/12 08:16:30 …les/storage/local.go:46:NewLocalStorage() [I] Creating new Local Storage at [path]/data/lfs

Trying on another machine, after the above line, it connects to sqlite and begins the service. On this machine (the actual server that gitea needs to run on) it is stuck at this point (which is why I could only exit via kill -9 below) and never starts listening on any port.

On CentOS 8, I downloaded the 1.13.4 binary, set it up, and begin the server. For debugging, I am simply running it via the command-line:

% gitea-1.13.4-linux-amd64 web -c config/app.ini

The server starts just fine with logging to the console. However, it does not respond to queries on port 3000. The app.ini is the initial generated version by gitea. Using a browser running on the machine, says connection refused.

I wrote a simple python server/client for port 3000. The python server works perfectly, and responds to the browser, so there isn’t an internal network issue with that port. Explicitly stating the port (-p 3000) or any other value does not work.


% gitea-1.13.4-linux-amd64 doctor

shows no issue, except that I haven’t configured a database (since I can’t do the initial configuration from the web UI).

I have enabled trace and stack_trace; however, nothing is reported abnormal. Gitea itself never logs any requests since it hasn’t opened the port. netstat does not show anything listening on port 3000 while gitea is running.

I have downloaded and tried prior versions, to no avail. I am completely at a loss. Any help?

EDIT: I forgot to add that the gitea process won’t exit either except by kill -9