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Fri Sep 4, 2020 by 6543

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Excellent! Just change from 1.11.4 to 1.12.4. Thank you all!!

Too much early!!
The server was refusing the connection for all client on PUSH. Pull and fetch was working.

remote: Gitea: Internal Server Error        
remote: Unable to contact gitea: Post "https://localhost:3000/api/internal/hook/pre-receive/Corporativo/diarias": dial tcp [::1]:3000: connect: connection refused     

It is using localhost:3000 default port, but I disabled it on custom init file. We are using only 443 port.
Then I saw that the APP.INI was changed by the binary, putting one last line in the [server] block:

LOCAL_ROOT_URL = https://localhost:3000/

So, to fix the connection refused I had to stop the service and remove that line. I did a second time restart to see if problem would appear again, but this time it worked.
What can it be? Maybe it occurs only in the first time it executes?