[solved] Uploading Release Binaries

Hi, I apologise if I have missed the documentation somewhere, but as with Github/GitLab, one can upload binaries to a milestone, so they can be downloaded. How can I do that for Gitea milestones? Is it supported?

Thanks in advance… Chris

I don’t know about GitLab, but as far as I know you can’t do that with Github or Gitea. You’ll probably thinking of releases, which do accept binaries. For example here’s the list of releases for the “tea” project:


Ah OK… so how do I create/add a release for repositories in Gitea? I cant find any documentation for Gitea actually, it is in the list of features though: https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/#features. I am running 1.12.1. Any tips on this?

are they automatic based on tags?

You can create releases by clicking the New Release button on the Release tab. This lets you create a Release from a branch. As far as I can tell you cannot create a Release from a tag this way. The swagger interface lets your create a Release at any SHA.
Side note: I cannot upload a file bigger than 245MB despite setting the attachment max file size to 5000MB and repository upload max file size to 5000MB. I get a server error. I’ve tried uploading using the UI and curl.

I dont have a releases tab, but then i also dont have any commits… just been playing around to evaluate it, shall have to test it a bit more in depth, just couldnt find any documentation :slight_smile:

I’m using gitea 1.12.1. To view Releases go to the Dashboard and select the desired repo. Releases is between Pull Requests and Wiki.

@stu1811, i added some commits last night and the releases tab popped up, explains why i wasn’t seeing it. I had expected it to just “be there”, but not be able to add a new release, not to not be there at all!
Thanks folks!