Issue with a bogus release

I recently migrated my Gogs installation to Gitea, and until now, it works fine.
However, in one single repository I have a strange issue: there should be 2 releases, but only 1 is shown and can be downloaded. What could be the reason with the missing release? I think it could be due to some missing entry in the database or something like that.

Are the files (.zip) for the releases stored something on disk? if so, could it be due to a missing file?

Can I fix the missing release, or is it possible to get rid of it somehow?

I would guess that the count will be correct with, this will be part of Gitea 1.2.0.

thanks. I have some other repos where I also have tags, but there are no releases displayed, which is correct. I think not every tag generates a release, does it?

Correct, a release is based on a tag, but just the existance of a tag doesn’t build a release :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: okay, and how is then a release distinguished from a tag?

A release have to be created manually, and a release can get uploads/artifacts attached while a tag just provides the source.

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