[SOLVED] NewAttachment: pq: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "attachment_pkey"

Hello, I had successfully used Gitea for some time and a few month ago I had to transfer my gitea installation from one machine to another and also I migrated the database from MariaDB to PostgreSQL.
Everything seemed to work fine, but I have not tried to upload a new release to any of my repos.
Today I tried to do that, and in every repo I’m getting NewAttachment: pq: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "attachment_pkey".
Could anyone please direct in the right way to solve this problem?
I understand what the message says, but don’t really know how to solve it…

The problem was solved, here is what I did:
I traced the problem down to the attachment_id_seq sequence.
The values from this sequence are used for attachment_pkey primary key index on column id from table attachment.
For some reason that sequence was not successfully transferred during the migration, so while attachment_pkey had values 1..25, the last_value in attachment_id_seq was just 5 (it seems like initially it was one, but it gets incremented each time I tried to upload new release).
So to fix the problem I just updated the last_value (in my case - to 26, YMMV):
ALTER SEQUENCE attachment_id_seq RESTART 26;