[Solved] How to setup IPv6 Mysql Host from web install?

My MYSQL server is running on TCP6 with local address [::1]:3306. How do I setup an IPV6 address the web frontend will take?

Error is:

Database setting is invalid: Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘gitea’@’::1’ (using password: YES)

Looks to me like you have made a connection. It seems like it is an error on the MySQL server side where it says your credentials are wrong. In the Gitea config, try wrapping the password in ``.

Something like this:

HOST     = [::1]:3306
NAME     = gitea
USER     = gitea
PASSWD   = `password here wrapped in these`

Otherwise, your credentials are wrong or something.

I realized I setup my MYSQL gitea user to only authorize on localhost, I had to do it for [::1] and also setup as well. Thanks for the password wrap suggestion, if I run into that as an issue.