[Solved] Gitea only accessible in local network


I installed gitea on a redhat server where a first webserver is running (apache).

Gitea start well, i can access via from computer where gitea is installed.

But, if i try from another computer access to gitea computer with 192.168.x.x:3000/, i can’t see anything.

My firewall is desactivated.

As anyone had already this issue?

Thanks for your help,

more informations.

My other web server with apache is accessible from other computer with 192.168.x.x so network configuration seems ok

Is there a configiration in app.ini in gitea for this?

ok. I find the problem!

In the network, there i a proxy which forbid access on other ports!
i try gitea on port 80 and have no problem.

So i will try with apache virtual .