Cannot Access GITserver outisde LAN

I have hosted a Gitserver using GITEA in my office network. I can access that server from machines locally present in my office in LAN.
However when I try to connect to GIT Server ( from my local Laptop [Connected to my Office VPN successfully], it gives me connection time out error.

I cannot find any documentation to enable this setup.
Please help me.

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It looks like this is a network problem you should discuss with the system administrator in charge of the office VPN. They will be able to help.

If I remember correctly, admin is a reserved word of Gitea that you should not create an account or repository directly?

s/reverse/reserved/ (which is reserve reversed, interestingly :slight_smile: )

Haha, thank you!!! That’s the most interesting joke I ever heard.

Thank you dachary. the issue got resolved. It was just the port that was not open for outside access. Once that was taken care of, Issue was resolved.

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