[SOLVED] Cannot display commit containing 1000+ files

As part of evaluation testing, I’m testing a push of an exceptionally large commit. It’s hitting a limit WRT the pull request. It will only display the first 100. Others such as Gitlab have a similar issue when exceeding 1000 files in a commit. While such huge commits are very few and far between, we do have to allow for the possibility they could happen. Is there a way to locally modify or override this parameter, for example?

Hi @mgoddard,

Could you try changing the MAX_GIT_DIFF_FILES value (documentation on this value here: https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/config-cheat-sheet/ ) make sure to restart Gitea service after changing config too.



I tried that, but it had no effect on the number of files displayed when selecting “Files changed” in a large pull request. However, I was able to make it work by adding the entry:


to my app.ini file. I was also able to address another issue by adding and modifying the value of:


in that same section of app.ini as well.

So far, it’s looking good!


Glad that worked out! :tada: