Increase size for release files

Can the file size for a release be increased to more then 20MB?

See Config Cheat Sheet - Docs MAX_SIZE.


Changedthe value to 50 and restarted gitea, with no effect…

Still limited to 20MB (the last value I’ve set)…

BTW, gitea is latest, v19.1


That sounds weird.
Do you have a reverse proxy or something similar in front of Gitea?

No (AFAIK), gitea is running on non dedicated windows 2019 server.

Most of the settings are default.



Found it…

The value is determined by MAX_SIZE under [attachment] section, and not

Not by FILE_MAX_SIZE under [repository.upload] section…

Looks like it should be the latter…

Maybe someone from @gitea developers will look at this and clarify it?

Well… Thanks for reading my comment above?
That is exactly the config option I referenced?

The other value you mentioned is when you want to upload a file directly into your repository code instead of as an attachment.

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Thank you for your response.

I wasn’t meant to be un-polite…

In the docs’ there are quite a few **MAX_SIZE settings, I got confused for a while…

Again, thank you for your response, and my apologies if you were offended by me…