[Solved] Add support for SHA256 git repositories failed


when trying to migrate to gitea-1.22-windows-4.0-amd64.exe the service doesn’t want to start any more. see log file above :

2024/04/30 17:15:03 cmd/web.go:194:serveInstalled() [I] PING DATABASE mssql
2024/04/30 17:15:03 …dels/db/collation.go:184:preprocessDatabaseCollation() [W] Current database is using a case-insensitive collation “French_CI_AS”, although Gitea could work with it, there might be some rare cases which don’t work as expected.
2024/04/30 17:15:03 …ations/migrations.go:688:Migrate() [I] Migration[286]: Add support for SHA256 git repositories
2024/04/30 17:15:03 routers/init.go:72:mustInitCtx() [F] code.gitea.io/gitea/routers/common.InitDBEngine(ctx) failed: migrate: migration[286]: Add support for SHA256 git repositories failed: DROP INDEX IF EXISTS [IDX_commit_status_context_hash] ON [commit_status] mssql: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘IF’.

It’s impossible to go back to previous release of gitea because database is newer.

Can you help me to get rid of this isue please ?


so first things first… do you have a backup?
I know this doesn’t help you now but I run weekly backups and always take a backup prior to an upgrade “just in case”.

Gitea-1.22 isn’t released yet but is in a release-candidate stage and a final release is imminent so there is a high chance if you were using rc0 that this is a bug and thus rc1 will resolve this issue. Can you confirm which version of gitea-1.22.windows-4.0-amd64.exe you are using?
gitea-1.22.0-rc1-gogit-windows-4.0-amd64.exe was release last week

if you are using rc1 and/or this doesn’t fix your issue, you can try using gitea doctor to “repair” aspects of the database. I execute this pre-upgrade and post-upgrade as a “just in case” measure and once or twice it did find something not right and it did repair.

Finally… SHA256 git repositories was introduced (stable) in git-v2.42 (august 2023) so if you are using an older version it might be worth upgrading to git-v2.42

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You can also run gitea -v to get the commit id. And what’s your mssql version?



Thank you very much for your help. I’m not currently in my office so i’ll have a look next week and i will tell you more about.


Seems you are running MSSQL 2012 or older which is barely within the supported range of Gitea. Upgrading to 2016 should work, but we are also trying to fix this.

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I’m working on Remove If Exist check on migration for mssql because that syntax required SQL server 2016 by lunny · Pull Request #30894 · go-gitea/gitea · GitHub


I’m back to my office this morning. I downloaded and installed gitea windows release 1.22 from 13/05/2024 as a windows service and it works.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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