Simplest Helm Install For Local Development

I have a bit of familiarity with Helm, but I’m finding that the default helm chart does far too much: the default values.yaml file gives you a full HA install, which is not what you want for a laptop. Moreover, there aren’t enough comments in the file to easily figure out how to simplify the file.

Does anyone have a values.yaml file for helm that:

  1. Won’t kill a laptop.
  2. Is not HA for f***ing everything.
  3. Is suitable for use with minikube or colima.

It would help if the comments in the file actually explained what the options in the file actually mean :slight_smile: But short of that, just a simple install that works without causing Kubernetes to crash would be very nice

Maybe #585 - Add config fallbacks for `session`, `cache` and `queue` when disabling redis-cluster - helm-chart - Gitea: Git with a cup of tea has resolved your problem?