Setting GPG key using noreply adress (Gitea 1.11.6)

I’m trying to set GPG signature and use noreply address, as it is possibble in GitHub (as I dont want to reveal my email address). So:

  • I have “Hide email address” selected on my user profile
  • NO_REPLY_ADDRESS = noreply.%(DOMAIN)s

I generated GPG key using my Gitea username as Name and username@noreply.domain and I cant add this key to Gitea, as “This GPG key is not usable with any email address associated with your account.”

When i manually add and approve (as admin) username@noreply.domain on my account, then I can add this GPG key and sign commits. But signature description reveals not only this noreply address, but also my main user email address. Even as it is set as hidden.

Am I missing something, or it is not possible to use noreply address to sign commits in Gitea?

I relied on the link visible in the gitea settings: