Server wide post receive git hook to run bash script on server machine

I know I can set up a webhooks for server/organization wide post-receive hook. But what I have is a rsync backup bash script to be run on the same server running gitea. Currently it just runs a cron job once a day but I’d rather it run any time any repo commit is pushed to the gitea server.

Is it possible (one hook for server wide)? as opposed to a webhook If so how? I didn’t see anything in the docs.

Alternatively a hack would be to add the same post-receive git hook to every existing and new repo which I guess would effectively be the same. That’s not practical to do manually.

you could use global git hooks (,but make sure that gitea’s githooks are also still run when you do that. the global githooks would need to be setup for the user running gitea on your server.