Running (serverside) git hooks on gitea

i am quite new to the gitea partyand figuring out what works and what not.

My current problem is running server-side githooks (post-receive to copy repo to a local webserver) is not working.
In app.ini I set DISABLE_GIT_HOOKS=false with no success.
For test reasons I added a debug output in the hooks/post-receive provided by gitea (that should call the other post-receive hooks in post-receive.d) and that the output I can see if I push something.
My guess is that this script is not running my hook.

Regarding security: This setup is a pure local instance of gitea without access to the internet and I am the only user.


Did you restart after changing the config, and is it in the right place in the config?

I put the DISABLE_GIT_HOOKS=false in the [security] section and restarted the service with

systemctl restart gitea.service

Additionally I put the gitea user in the sudo group.