Security Maintenance/ Backporting Policy


How long are certain Gitea versions maintained and is there a policy on backporting security patches?
More precisely I’d like to know whether the 1.9.x release branch is still getting security fixes.
In NixOS 19.09, still version 1.9.6 is shipped as during the life time usually only minor security and bugfix releases are backportet into the stable tree. But if Gitea always just maintains the latest release branch (in this case 1.10.x) I have to ask the NixOS maintainer to either do downstream backports of fixes released in 1.10.x or upgrade gitea to the 1.10.x branch.

1.9.6 should be that last version of 1.9.x. We recommand you upgrade to 1.10.2 for now and follow 1.10.x series. We have no restrict release life time, but almost 3 or 4 month a major version will be released.