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Sun Jan 30, 2022 by zeripath

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Looks like the linux amd64 binary is missing on the downloads server:


The file is still missing…

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All of them are fixed now.

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Hello !

I would like to known if the 1.15.X releases will be maintained in parallel of the 1.16.X releases?
I didn’t find this information in the contribution guidelines.
If there will be other 1.15.X releases, will they only contain security fixes?

Here is my understanding: there may be 1.15.x releases with important bug or security fixes even after 1.16.1 is published. There is no explicit policy. Once the Gitea maintainers feel 1.15.x can reliably migrate to 1.16.x and that 1.16.x is not exhibiting bugs that are expected in a newly released major version, they are unlikely to feel motivated to publish another 1.15.x point release. If someone is concerned about a bug or about security, it will be recommended that they upgrade to 1.16.x.

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