Repository indexer: exclude an organization and repositories

Hello everyone,

I want to enable code cross-search through by repositories.
In my case, I have one repository per module or library; I want to be able to search for this piece of code and see the impact on the whole.

I found this functionality which seems to correspond to my need

But I did not see how to limit the search field to certain repositories :

  • whether by whitelist
  • whether by blacklist
  • by organization

REPO_INDEXER_REPO_TYPES: sources, forks, mirrors, templates
Allows Include based on repository type.

ISSUE_INDEXER_TYPE: bleve: Issue indexer type, currently supported: bleve, db, elasticsearch or meilisearch.
REPO_INDEXER_TYPE: bleve: Code search engine type, could be bleve or elasticsearch.

Other questions, I’m not sure I can afford elasticsearch’s excessive disk usage (6 times the size of directories)
so my choice would rather be “bleve” by default.
Can you give me links to its installation / set-up documentation, because my research I come across vapor explosions