Feature request: Search bar Tab "Names"

I use my Gitea installation for one big project, that is split in 4 different main repositories. It is a library of things, so I would want people to be able to search for designs and names, that are within the repositories.


Is there a way to hack or get a new feature announcement for this kind of search queue?

I believe the search indexer should already be able to pick those up from inside the repo.

If you are wanting a specific queue, you may need to put in an issue feature request.

You may also be able to find whether configuration will suit your needs based on our indexer docs.

Thank you very much, J.!

I will check and test the indexer docs, as it seems exactly, what I was looking for. I did not know, that I can do that in app.ini.
Otherwise, I will follow your advice and move the feature request.
Best wishes

I actually did activated the search indexer set to bleve.
However, the name search still only works with repository names, not with parts of the repositories files (by file name).

Therefore, I want to ask the community again, if you have any experiences and/or solutions in that matter.
Again, as it is a library, it is important, that people can search for files within the repository.
Help is much appreciated. Thanks!

In your screenshot you are attempting to search for a repository with the name “README.md” instead of within repos. For code search, please use the code search tab.