Repo from deactivated user gives Unauthorized exception


In my team, people tend to make repos under their own user, rather than under specific organizations.
A little while ago one of the team members left, and I de-activated their account.
I’ve noticed that after de-activating, all git operations on the repo return an Unauthorized exception.
As soon as I re-activate their account, the exceptions go away.

Is this expected behavior?
I would think that the status of the User Account is separate from the repo permissions?

Is there a way to force repos to be created under Organizations rather than Users?

Have you considered setting the allowed repositories per user to 0?

Thanks for your reply,

Do you mean this setting?

  • MAX_CREATION_LIMIT: -1: Global maximum creation limit of repositories per user, -1 means no limit.

It sounded to me like this would also limit the repos you can create for an organization.

I will give this a go to see if it works the way we want.

Looks like a bug, maybe you could fire an issue on Sign in to GitHub · GitHub


I have created an issue.
Took a little long because of issues with my GitHub account.