Release attachments do not give downloadable link

I am attaching an intel hex (.hex) format file to my releases for embedded code.

On the release page, the hex file is shown in the downloads with the correct filename (e.g. firmwarev1.hex) but the actual url contains the gitea attachment reference (e.g. http://giteaurl/attachments/69d80049-7826-4e98-9328-b87f43ff6d63)

This means that downloading the file (eg right click save as) requires you to retype the filename otherwise it saves with the gitea reference. I am not sure if this is a config problem or by design, is there any way to get the attached files to use their given filenames?

Just to expand on my own question, on github any extra files you attach to a release are shown with the url
This means you can right click - save as to download the file with its correct filename and also give a URL for others to get it if needed.

With gitea, the automatic zip and tar.gz have the url
http://giteaurl/organization/repo/archive/ (same as github does)
but any files you attach have a guid reference unrelated to the repo/organization or release, or the original filename.

The plot thickens because if you manually enter the github-style download url as above
then gitea sends you the file correctly. So it appears that it is just the URL given for the file on the release page that’s incorrect.

Did you figure this out? My install, via snap, works great aside from the fact that I can’t download any releases.

No, this is currently not working as far as I can see. We have ended up writing a script to copy the release file into another folder outside of Gitea.