Attachments to releases


trying to use the release feature (in Gitea 1.2.0+rc3) I didn’t really understand the attachments feature. The upload dialog only allows .jpg, .png, .zip and .gz - however, when I upload a .tar.gz, it doesn’t get added to the release in the end. When hovering the mouse over the icon presented in the new release / edit release pages, it says “file type is not allowed” for the .tar.gz file.

So, why are only selected file types (images, archives) allowed in the dialog - I could imagine one wants to attach any type of artifacts, e.g. binaries.

And the other question is, why are .gz and .tar.gz files rejected in a second step?

Finally: how can I delete an attachment from a release again? And I see that in the data/attachments, the files are still there, even after completely deleting the release.


In fact, seems that Gitea has minor bugs with Releases.

Please, open separated issues for both problems (not being able to upload .tar.gz and not deleting attachments on deleting an release) at

Depending on OS and browser they can provide other content types for tar.gz so you need to add them to allowed upload types. These could be: application/gzip, application/x-gzip, application/x-gtar, and application/x-tgz