Recovery of data from old Gogs system?

I had a FreeNAS server system with a Gogs system in a jail. Through some “upgrade madness” I upgraded this to TrueNAS and past the point where the original style of jails was supported. As a result I am left with a complete (but non-functional) installation of Gogs (including all of my repositories)

In moving forward I decided to go ahead with a Gitea installation. I am now at the point where I want to migrate the old Gogs data to the new Gitea system, but I have no idea how best to do this.

I saw the Upgrade from Gogs page, but the first step in this is to run “gogs backup”, and I don’t have a functional system to do that with. It also looks like the instructions suggest starting a migration to Gitea 1.0 and then upgrading Gitea, but I am already on Gitea 1.12

I thought that this other question (Using pre-existing local bare repositories? ) might help, but I can’t seem to follow exactly what is proposed (or if it actually helps in my situation).

So how should I proceed?

I moved a small Gogs installation to Gitea.

I wrote a SQL script to do this, and also copied the git repos.

It involves a new Gitea installation rather than an existing one (with data etc.), but may give you ideas.
When you get to my project, have a look through the readme.

It is listed on awesome-gitea in the migration section.


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Hi again
Just noticed info re 1.13

My script etc was based on Gitea 1.12, so perhaps

  1. get data from Gogs into Gitea 1.12
  2. upgrade Gitea from 1.12 to 1.13
  3. use “adopt repositories” for repos that were not in Gogs

See 1.13 blog

Adopt repositories ([#12920])

Administrators can now adopt repositories that are on disk, but not yet in Gitea’s database.

An administrator can also allow users to adopt repositories from their settings.

Thanks to [ @zeripath ]

I have almost completely succeeded with my migration. What I did was:

  1. Created a FreeBSD virtual machine and installed Gogs
  2. Copied the configuration from my old Gogs system to the VM
  3. Verified that I could access everything, and that no data was missing
  4. Played with the gogs.db and the gitea.db to see what the differences were
  5. Reset my Gitea.db
  6. Copied the complete git directory structure from the Gogs system to the equivelent Gitea location. Then set the user and group id’s of every file to match the Gitea account
  7. Created my Gitea username through the Gitea website
  8. Using the Gitea website, created repositories in Gitea in the same order and with the same names as they were in Gogs, so that the repository id was the same.
  9. Exported the action table from Gogs and sliced it up so that it matched the Gitea format (and there was very little in the way of changes to be made)
  10. Overwrote the contents of the action table in Gitea with the exported data
  11. Exported the unix time stamps and repository sizes from the Gogs repository table and updated the values in the Gitea db
  12. Updated the is_empty field in the Gitea repository table to zero

This gets me access to all of my data via Gitea!! I’m a happy camper now.

Next question:

There are two tables in Gitea that I am not sure how to populate:

  • repo_indexer_status
  • language_stat

I basically understand what is meant to go into each table, but is there a way to get Gitea to fill in the details for me?