Published cargo crate - version not available


I am experiencing some weird issues with using the cargo registry feature of gitea. I am not quite sure if this is a gitea problem, a cargo problem or some combination.

I have a rust library my-crate, which I have successfully published versions 0.1.5-alpha.1, 0.1.5-alpha.0, and 0.1.4 to my private gitea registry. I can use these versions as dependencies and it works fine. However now all of a sudden when I tried to publish 0.2.0-alpha.0 the crate seems to get published. I can see it in my-gitea.domain/Owner/-/packages/cargo/my-crate. I can also see it mentioned in Owner/_cargo-index. I also see 0.2.0-alpha.0 when running cargo search my-crate. But I can not actually use it (cargo add my-crate@0.2.0-alpha.1 and cargo build fails)

I first did this on gitea docker image image: gitea/gitea:1.21.11-rootless. I have since updated to image: gitea/gitea:1.22.0-rootless and tested to publish a new version of my-crate v0.2.0-alpha.1.

Any thoughts?

$ cargo publish
Uploading my-crate v0.2.0-alpha.1 (/path/my-crate)     
    Uploaded my-crate v0.2.0-alpha.1 to registry `gitea`                                                                                                              
note: Waiting for `my-crate v0.2.0-alpha.1` to be available at registry `gitea`.                          
You may press ctrl-c to skip waiting; the crate should be available shortly.                                                                                                    
warning: timed out waiting for `my-crate v0.2.0-alpha.1` to be available in registry `gitea`
note: The registry may have a backlog that is delaying making the crate available. The crate should be available soon.
$ cd /path-to/my-bin
$ cargo add my-crate@0.2.0-alpha.1
    Updating `gitea` index
error: the crate `my-crate@0.2.0-alpha.1` could not be found in registry index.
$ cargo search my-crate
    my-crate = "0.2.0-alpha.1"    # 
$ cargo build
    Updating `gitea` index
    Updating index
error: failed to select a version for the requirement `my-crate = "^0.2.0-alpha.1"`
candidate versions found which didn't match: 0.1.5-alpha.1, 0.1.5-alpha.0, 0.1.4, ...
location searched: `gitea` index
required by package `my-bin v0.1.0 (/path/my-bin)`
if you are looking for the prerelease package it needs to be specified explicitly
    my-crate = { version = "0.1.5-alpha.1" }