Trouble using RPM Package Registry

Hi there, I have a problem using the rpm package registry.

I’m running gitea v1.22.0. I followed the docs to host rpm packages, I can publish packages, but when I install the package using dnf command, it says “Status code: 404”.

The package I published is docker-ce package, downloaded from (

The command I used to configure the package registry: “sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo mygiteahosturl/api/packages/mirrors/rpm/el-9.repo”, where mirrors is a public organization on my gieta instance.

The command I used to publish the package: curl --user username:userpass --upload-file ./docker-ce-26.1.4-1.el9.x86_64.rpm mygiteahosturl/api/packages/mirrors/rpm/el-9/upload
I think the command was successful as no error appeared and I can view the package info on web page.

The detail error I got when trying to install with dnf: Status code: 404 for mygiteahosturl/api/packages/mirrors/rpm/el-9/package/docker-ce/26.1.4-1.el9/x86_64/docker-ce-26.1.4-1.el9.x86_64.rpm

One thing I didn’t follow the doc is that I’m using http instead of https in mygiteahosturl, is this a problem? Or did I miss any details of the commands I used?