Possible to change the comment author inside an issue?

Hi :wave:t2:, everyone,

We are building an open-source WordPress hosting company with a focus on privacy, and currently, use Basecamp to manage and discuss company decisions.

However, recently, we decided to leave Basecamp altogether and move all these discussions to our public instance of Gitea. We want to keep all conversations public, kinda like what Gitlab does.

I am moving everything manually. Still, I don’t want all comments to be made under my user, I would prefer to map the comments and issues to the proper authors in the company — can’t really ask them to copy and paste their previous comments though, it would take forever.

Is there a way for me, as the administrator of the instance, to make this change? I am guessing there is no GUI option for this, so I would need to dive into the database itself, but maybe someone already did this at some point and can help me speed up the process.

We use MySQL as the database drive if that matters.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If comments are already imported than updating database records is your only option

Asked for an account impersonation feature a while back precisely because of this case scenario. Was told was outside of scope (although most of the solutions we migrated from support it). Gitea is so good otherwise, tho…

@bkraul account impersonation exists already via the API, refer to the “sudo” functionality in documentation.

@jamesponddotco I recommend using the API of basecamp, and Gitea’s API (where account impersonation exists) to achieve what you’d like.

@techknowlogick my request referred to built-in WebGUI admin feature, not API, but thanks for the info, will check it out for possible implementation.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! Unfortunately, we already canceled our Basecamp account, so using their API to automated the whole process is not possible.

We ended up exporting our Basecamp data as an HTML archive and served that as a legacy issue tracker instead.