Packfile not found

Getting error 500 when trying to get to one repo on the server. All the other repos appear to be fine.
This used to only happen when trying to view the “branches” but now can’t bring up the repo at all through the web interface. This is the message from the log

2020/12/07 17:05:12 …ules/context/repo.go:729:func1() [E] GetBranchCommit: packfile not found

There are no tmp files in the .git folder, and I have already manually run several gc through to completion.

This is gitea 1.12.5
Windows Server 2016 Standard

I can’t post the repository as the code is proprietary.

(Tried replacing the exe with 1.13.0, but that didn’t solve the problem, and introduced several other issues, so reverted back to 1.12.5)

I found the cause for this. It turned out to be some old pack files in the objects folder that git gc was not cleaning up. They were not temp files. I removed them, and the error no longer comes up, and all the commits seem to be there.

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